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Practice drills for finger drumming

I have spent a bit of time learning to play drumkit but now I want to learn kit drumming with an MPC or midi controller in live performance. Are there different drills I should practice to learn ...
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How to sing with mix voice without raising my larynx and still being comfortable

Range:E2-E4 then F4-G4 is my break. I can sing an F4 in what I think is my mix sorta comfortably but slightly higher I tense up and my larynx rises. The only way I can sing the G-B range is by yelling....
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Playing song more smoothly on oboe

I have to play John Rutter's A Gaelic Blessing but I am finding it a little hard to play smoothly. I can play it through with good fingering but I am having trouble with the dynamics and sometimes I ...
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Hoarseness after 5-6 songs of singing

I started 6 months ago to sing and at the beginning i was feeling very bad in every song. I mean it seemed that i was damaging my voice in every song. Now i'm better at this, when i reach those 5-7 ...
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What to call drum player VSTs as opposed to drum machines?

On the one hand, there are drum machines/sequencers/loopers/programmers etc that combines a drum machine and a fairly static drum loop that you play or sequence yourself. Then there are 'superset' ...
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Guitar, tapping one handed Chord Shapes

I have been trying to learn one hand tapping on guitar for a while now but am having some trouble. Lately I have just been tapping out a E major or A major barre chord shape slowly and trying to get ...
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How to distribute (vocal) training time for most effective learning?

(If you’re not a singer, but have experience with learning other skills or some knowlegde about learning in general, your answer might also be helpful.) Let’s say you have 7 hours of practice time ...
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