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Are copyright traps in musical scores a thing?

Maps, dictionaries, and similar sometimes contain copyright traps, which are intentionally false information like a street that does not exist. The point of these is that when somebody plagiarises the ...
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Has Belwin Mills improved their bookbinding?

I'm sitting here looking at three separate books of sheet music for piano published as Kalmus Piano Series by Belwin-Mills. You know the ones; they have a cover in a solid color (often red or orange) ...
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Which publishers use editorial slurs and ties with a stroke?

A bit strange question here: have you ever encountered a slur or tie marked as editorial with short stroke in the middle (like the one that can be found e.g. in Dorico)? The thing is, I try to ...
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How are ASCAP royalties handled when a composer's music is published?

I have listed myself as both Composer and Publisher with ASCAP because my music is self-published. That is to say, I find ensembles who might like my work, I sell it to them, they perform it, and ...
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Should I be submitting my compositions to multiple publishers?

I submitted several choral scores to a publishing company for consideration. They were initially very interested in seeing them, but since I've sent them ... big surprise, I haven't heard anything. ...
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How could I get my Classical Music Compositions published and known?

I'm a first timer on this site. Have patience and mercy with me. For years I've been a professor, performer and Conductor. I'm a composer, not that many would know, I'm on my 711th opus. All classical ...
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How does ASCAP distribute royalties to individual composers?

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) sells blanket licenses for music that are created by individual music creators. How does ASCAP calculate each individual composer's ...
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Where can I share my guitar arrangements to get more youtube traffic? [closed]

Do you know of any sites where people would be interested in video game OST guitar arrangements?
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Finding my song's registration with a Performing Rights Organization

So, many years ago, I entered a songwriting competition. As a prerequisite, I had to register my song with a PRO. I know I did it, but I don't remember which PRO --it was either ASCAP or BMI. I don't ...
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How are editorial additions/changes to a score indicated?

How do music editors indicate changes they've made to a score? Sometimes an editor will make musically meaningful changes to a score, such as Adding markings the editor believes were omitted by the ...
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Is it commonplace to add further instrumentation to an already published composers work?

There's a really strange sounding instrument, similar to the one you once heard at school aged about seven in your very first music lesson. The only noise one can compare it to is the sound of horse ...
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Does including a sport commentator voice in a music track make me owe him mechanical royalties? [closed]

If I make some electronic music and it contains voice of a sport commentator (soccer game) over the music of my production, then when publishing the track, do I owe this commentator any royalties? ...
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Publishing sheet music: ISMN or ISBN? [closed]

I'm planning to self-publish some of my scores, and will probably also be publishing some scores for friends and colleagues. I'm confused as to whether my publications should have ISBNs or ISMNs. ...
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