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Punk rock is a rock music genre that developed between 1974 and 1976 in the United Kingdom, United States, and Australia.

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How would I copy the effects of Sugarcult with just an amp? [closed]

I’m having trouble finding a dial setting on my amp for clarity and the best combination of effects for Sugarcult’s pop/punk effects. The amp I have is an old Vox amp, nothing special. It does not ...
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Pull off and hammer on alternatives?

I’m trying to learn Hate Every Beautiful Day by Sugarcult, and on the B string, with the tab it says 4p2h4. How would I do that, and is there an easier alternative? That’s the only thing stopping me ...
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2 answers

What are next steps to release an EP or an album, once I will finish recording?

I wanted to know, what are steps to do once I will record a DIY ep ? Actualy, I started this project : recording songs, and make out of them a punk rock ep. I do play all instruments, I record using ...
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In defense of our future - Discharge guitar tabs [closed]

i was just curious if someone knows this. I've been trying to find tabs for "In defense of our future - Discharge" but the internet seems to have this one really hidden and there's no site ...
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What is the key/mode of "you are the government" by bad religion?

I'm trying to make sense of keys and modes, and I'm studying simple songs note by note to reach this goal. One of them is "You are the Government" from Bad Religion. It starts with a riff that goes : ...
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Why does the Toy Dolls guitar sound so happy?

I am originally a drummer, and I am trying to learn how to play guitar, specially around punk tunes, but I would like to learn more theory. Then I was listening to The Toy Dolls and it got me ...
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7 votes
5 answers

How to play power chords without fretting hand getting tired?

My brother and I sat down to play electric / bass covers of Bad Religion together and by the end of the two hour session my hand literally died - like a tingling sensation and a sharp stinging pain. I'...
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19 votes
3 answers

Basic Punk Rhythm Guitar--Snare Feels Like Down Beat

I'm a pretty good guitarist, and I can play some tricky rhythms (weird time signatures, syncopation, some of the easier djent stuff) but I've always had trouble when my drummer starts to play anything ...
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What characterises Irish drumming?

A bunch of my friends are into Irish music, including irish punk/rock (like the Pogues), as well as more folky stuff. I play (kit) drums, and would like to be able join in. I've tried, but I'm not ...
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