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For questions related to the practice of creating harmonies by superimposing fourths, in contrast to the earlier tonal practice of tertian harmony, or harmony created with thirds.

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Is there a name of the stacked fourths melody which appears frequently in Jazz music?

E.g. in Paul Desmond's "Cecilia", around 0'48" (linked below) there is a brass melody consists of the notes C F Bb Eb Ab A, of which the first five notes are stacked fourths. I find ...
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Quartal Harmonization Experimentation with Double Harmonic Major

Context: I'm a guitarist teaching myself music theory and am experimenting with quartal harmonization to achieve the open sound that I desire. I also like the intervalic pattern of the double harmonic ...
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Naming/understanding this dominant chord with quartal upper structure

I'm trying to understand an interesting non-diatonic chord in the chord progression at 0:30-0:45 of this video; my rough transcription of the chords is as follows. As far as I can tell, the non-...
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What chord is this, is it quartal, and what's the theoretical mechanism that allows it to sound this way?

In "Figure it Out" by Allen Stone, at approximately the 1:35 mark (link), the pianist plays a chord that sounds very much like quartal harmony and/or something Herbie Hancock or Bill Evans might play. ...
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Is there a chord symbol to indicate quartal harmony?

I'm specifically thinking about 5th R 4th ...bass to treble... like D G C. I suppose Gsus4 is the unambiguous symbol for that tone set. Gmsus4 could be used to indicate minor mode. I also suppose ...
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How do I harmonize a C major scale in fourths and then apply negative/mirror harmony?

I recently tried using quartal harmony and mirror harmony (also known as "negative harmony") together. I was looking for some music theory that would inspire me to do something more unusual than I ...
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Quartal and quintal chords?

Does anyone know about Quartal Quintal chords and harmony? Except from the difference in the interval being stacked?
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How do I use quartal chords on guitar on common chord progressions?

I play rhythm guitar and solo in a four piece band that improvises on traditional folk music. I really like the sound of quartal harmony (building chords on fourths instead of thirds) and I've been ...
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Ways to use quartal chords

By stacking 4ths in C major, the following quadads result: C, F, B, E D, G, C, F E, A, D, G F, B, E, A G, C, F, B A, D, G, C B, E, A, D (I used C major for simplicity, but this can obviously be ...
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Why do quartal progressions typically not utilize common tones?

Typically chord are built in thirds, but in quartal harmony chords are built in fourths instead. One pattern in quartal harmony I noticed was chords tend to move completely in parallel even if common ...
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