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Questions tagged [reverb]

Persistence of sound in a particular space after the original sound is produced.

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Does natural amplification TRULY exist in acoustics or does it have to be turned into an electrical signal first?

I have seen people claim these two scenarios as being possible acoustic amplifications. My question is, are they TRULY amplification or are there any other types of acoustic amplification in existence....
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Set special reverb in midi player/editor which is oriented to midi reverb event

I am looking for a way to play midis with a special reverb in a midi player or editor. I'm working on a patch for a videogame which fixes its midi based music (it's buggy in the original game). Among ...
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Mimic special midi reverb event that gets quieter the higher it is set to

I am looking for a way to play midis with a special reverb in a midi player or similar. This reverb, which was used in a Nintendo 64 game, uses a special reverb technique that seems to be a ...
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How long do early reflections take to become audible after direct sound [closed]

When speaking in terms of reverb, how long do early reflections take to occur/become audible after the direct sound? Also, do early reflections dictate if a space is long/short or does it also ...
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How do sound waves travel and their reflections? [closed]

I'm studying reverb from a first principles standpoint and I'm finding it difficult to find this answer in my studies. Firstly is this statement correct? "The quantity of sound waves ejected into a ...
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What is the difference in using mono reverb vs stereo reverb?

I'm getting into mixing the last month as it's a vital role in publishing my music for sale online so here goes my question. When would you use mono reverb on an instrument and for what purpose/s? ...
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Why is reverb typically called "wet' or "drippy"?

Reverb is a type of natural effect you can get playing in walled spaces, giving a sort of echo/reverberation as the name implies. But I'm referring more to emulated reverb through use of a guitar ...
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Are effects pedals overkill for acoustic instruments?

When I play acoustic instruments (ukulele/harp/acoustic guitar) I like to add reverb and other various effects to them, even if I'm just playing. None of my instruments have any kind of line-out, so I ...
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Removing 'popping' sounds & reverb in a live setting

I occasionally work with a college to put on concerts, they don't have very high budget equipment; 12 channel mixing board, 4 mics, 2 clip-on mics and some other equipment. I have an issue where I get ...
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Real reverb vs virtual reverb

Times have changed and studios more and more often start using virtual reverb. Yet, some musicians and bands still prefer real reverb: they find places with interesting reverb and record there. My ...
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Playing both the pc sound and mic playback through headphones

I have downloaded this marvelous program called "Effectogram" in order to easily and rapidly (performance-wise) control: microphone input volume microphone output volume playback reverberation ...
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Why is the reverb effect so much more pronounced on headphones?

I've recently been forced to go back to playing on headphones instead on a proper amp. I use a digital guitar processor for that, which also sometimes gets hooked into my FX loop. I have some presets ...
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5 answers

How to remove reverb from a recording of a voice?

How to remove reverb from a recorded voice? Is there a difference between a monophonic audio signal and a stereophonic reverb related to this removal process?
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Reverberation in a recording to play with big speakers in a hall

I am writing a piece in Sibelius and export the audio and play it in some room for people. I suppose the geometry of the room produces some reverberation of the sound coming from the speakers, ...
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7 answers

How can I reduce the echo/reverb in a large room if I can't add physical damping?

I was at an event this evening in a restored ballroom - absolutely beautiful, but parquet flooring, high ceilings, solid walls etc all made for terrible acoustics, and in fact I could hardly make out ...
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