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How to write down form with varying rhyme schemes?

I have a 16 bar verse for a song and I am trying to figure out how to write down the form and rhyme schemes so I can reuse rhyming patterns that I like in future songs. So in my 16 bar verse my ...
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3 answers

How do we know where line breaks occur in lyrics?

When looking up written lyrics of songs, multiple sources tend to put line breaks in the same place. My question is how do the people transcribing the songs know where to put the line breaks? ...
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The nature of rhyme in _Surrender_? [closed]

Consider the priceless Surrender, written by Rick Neilsen, 1977. Mother told me, yes she told me In a sense, the me/me rhymes. I'd meet girls like you She also told me stay away You'll never know what ...
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What was the view of rhyme scheme during the tin pan alley era with 32 bar songs?

I've noticed some of the 32 bar songs from the tin pan alley era have rhyme scheme all over the place. Did they care about rhyme scheme? From what sources did they learn to use rhyme scheme? Gene ...
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