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Movement or procedure with uniform or patterned recurrence of a beat, accent, or the like.

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Why is ektaal called ektaal?

एकताल (iTrans: ek_taal) is among the common talas, or rhythmic cycles, used in Hindustani (North Indian) classical music. It is the equivalent in the Khayal style of the dhrupad tala चौेताल chautaal ...
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How are skip beats decided in Red River fiddling?

As I understand in Red River fiddling, the distinguishing feature of that style (as well as the more obscure James Bay and Athapaskan fiddling styles) is the skip beat. That means a whole beat is ...
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What are the most common kick-snare patterns?

Problem I use LilyPond to write notation for drums, and because the coding behind the typesetting is complex I've integrated the use of vim's "Ultisnips" plugin to help write out bits of ...
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Did percussion instruments communicate spoken words in click languages?

There are a number of click languages in Africa where 'clicks' function as part of their language. It seems like it would be possible to communicate some words with percussion instruments (maybe a ...
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Playing Casio LK-100 in Auto-Play Mode without Rhythm & Accompaniment

Is it possible to set up a Casio LK-100 so it plays tunes automatically WITHOUT the rhythm, metronome, and accompaniments - only the musical notes? The user manual seems to be silent on this topic, ...
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