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Notation for cymbal choke and cymbal stop?

First, what's the difference between a cymbal choke and a cymbal stop? Is it that a choke is immediate (as soon as possible) and a stop is after the predetermined length of the note (i.e., eighth note,...
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Looking to combine my ride and crash into one main crash/ride [closed]

Currently, I use a 21inch Paiste alpha mega bell ride and an 18inch Zildjian K medium Thin crash. I don't really use the ride except for maybe one song we play, and am looking to consolidate the crash ...
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What makes a cymbal "dry" or "wet"?

"Dry" seems like an odd term to use for a plate of hammered bronze. What makes a cymbal dry? If it's not dry, does that mean it is wet?
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Adding cristality to ride and hats

Most rides and hats are quite bright yet not so crystal as I would like, the question is: what frequencies must I touch to make them crystal. I mean like triangles for instance. This is the sound of ...
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Difference between a ride and a crash/ride cymbal

What are the main differences between a crash, ride and a crash/ride? I ordered a 22" ride, but the retailer accidentally ordered a 22" crash/ride. I want a bright jazzy tap, and don't plan to ever ...
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Cleaning Up Zildjian Cymbal Stains

I brought brand new Zildjian A Custom cymbal set including a 14" hihats, 16 and 18" crash cymbals, and a 20" ride. I like the sound. However the cymbals shipped with these odd stains on them. I ...
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2 answers

Where are the bow, bell, and rim on a ride cymbal?

Hitting a ride cymbal on the bow, bell (dome/cup), and rim will produce different sounds. Bow Bell / Dome / Cup Rim Where exactly are the bow, bell, and rim on the RC, and when are they typically ...
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How do i differentiate a crash cymbal from a ride cymbal which looks so similar

Today I was practicing for a drum performance in school and I didn't know the positions of the crash cymbal and ride cymbal were different from the usual drum set up. I only realised the mistake ...
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