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Trouble getting Finale and Cakewalk to agree on midi file tempo

I have a score I have created in Finale. I'm working on creating an audio sample of it. Some parts of it (the strings) sound good using the sound libraries within Finale but other parts (the chorus) ...
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Is "24th note" a valid denotation of 16th note triplets?

The sequencers I own allow for quantized 16th note triplet input by selecting 1/24 as the note length. Some of my sequencers also allow for time signatures with 24 as the bottom number. This is ...
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Is there some theory that suggests that sequences may be formed by "sampling" earlier sequences?

Is there some theory that suggests that sequences may be formed by "sampling" earlier sequences? Often music theory seems to suggest progression as "where to go next", but I've ...
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How or can I, loop each track independently?

There's plenty of awesome music where people on analog hardware, loop overlapping tracks with inequal sizes that have prime ratios of track lengths, so that they never quite repeat at the same point. ...
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What are common / usual timings for music

I'm a programmer and I'm developing some software for use in combination with music. Part of the software will include a sequencer that can show / start certain tasks that match the music's tempo. I ...
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Need assistance connecting VST Sequencer in Ableton to External Synth

I have Sequence Air on first midi track and Minilogue XD set as an External Instrument on the second midi track. I can get sound from the minilogue but I cant figure out how to get the sequencer to ...
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Song recording on Yamaha instruments

I have a Yamaha CVP-805 which I enjoy very much. I am trying to understand the logic behind its MIDI record module. Why is there a "right-hand" part and a "left-hand" part that I ...
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How do I automate the timing of a sound effect to a list of exact times?

I have an effect I have to make where two sounds alternate, starting with large pauses between them, and then get faster and faster until they alternate on a sample-basis. I am using the roots of sin(...
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