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For questions related to the music notation software developed by Avid Technology. Questions may also necessitate the [notation] and/or [engraving] tags. Note that this tag is not intended for questions about the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius (1865–1957) - use the tag [composers] instead.

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How to change the slot (channel) in a mixer?

How to change the slot (channel) of an instrument in a mixer in Sibelius? Now this field is inactive, it cannot be changed. Also, it changes automatically for all tracks when you select an instrument. ...
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Chord symbols in staff in Sibelius

When I write guitar parts in Sibelius I currently use a slash notation (4 slashes with no stems in each measure and chord symbols above staff), but I want to make it even simpler for my guitarist and ...
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MIDI file displays with treble staff only

I have a MIDI file, installed Sibelius intending to have Sibelius read the MIDI file and display it as sheet music. It does. But treble staff only; the lower notes are all on ledger lines. It's a ...
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Is there a way to put a "niente" into Sibelius?

“Niente” (“Nothing”, usually written as an n or ø) is pretty much silence. In the piece I’m writing, I would like for the player to fade in and out of silence, using Niente. However, I can’t type the ...
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How to link instruments in a Sibelius arrangement to instruments in a soundfont file for playback?

I have some arrangements of handbell music in Sibelius 7 that I'd like to play back into a track for my handbell choir to practice to. I purchased a high-quality soundfont (sf2) file of handbells with ...
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How to export mp3 file in sibelius

In Sibelius , I can't export my score as a mp3 file. Because when I'm in export page, I choose my playback configuration that is connected to my digital piano. But it says "you can't use this playback ...
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