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What's your trick to play the exact amount of repeated notes

Not sure if I am the only one, (maybe reminiscences of dyslexia?), but when I have to play repeated series of notes like in 'Schradiek, school of violin technics' I tend to under or overcount the ...
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How difficult is this piece of music (electric guitar)? [closed]

Listening to this piece of music (from 2:12), "Running from Evil" (by Bobby Prince), and being a total novice, I was wondering how difficult it is to play on the guitar. Another version that ...
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How good am I supposed to be at my 3rd year of playing electric guitar? Also, suggestions for songs and exercises to improve faster [closed]

I was just curious how good am I supposed to be after playing 3yrs on the electric guitar. I am self taught and I almost did not play at all on my 2nd year. Most of the time I just do different ...
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5 votes
4 answers

Are ups & downs/peaks and valleys inherent in piano practice and performance?

It sounds like a weird question, but I just don't know how to describe it in words; sometimes you are really good at performing the piece, and you feel enthusiastic and more confident, other times ...
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How To Prepare For a Piano Competition

So today, I participated in a piano competition (finals) with Chopin's Etude Op.25 No.11 Winter Wind, and I failed. I was thinking maybe this was because I practiced too much during the day of the ...
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Orchestration: how to know a comfortable playable speed to low register instruments?

During the orchestration of a piano piece, sometimes there are fast passages (with long intervals) in the lower register, like that Villa-Lobos "Saudades das Selvas Brasileiras" passage: Or this ...
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37 votes
7 answers

Is it recommended to learn a piece you really like, but is way above your level?

For example, I really love chopin etude op 10 no 11, but it's way above my level. So is it recommended to play a piece you really like, but is way above your level? (I have been playing for three ...
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6 answers

Sheet music difficulty rating

Are there any rating schemes for sheet music or music players? There are a bunch of reasons why I'd like to know this: Playing several inetruments at various skilled levels, I'd like to get a rough ...
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Typing vs. Pool Playing vs. Playing Piano

So, I have a great deal of ambidexterity that appears to be a result of being forced to be right handed when I was born naturally left. I golf left handed, eat left handed, etc. I also seem to have ...
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Music performance - finger dexterity with rest/exercise

I have recently discovered this problem where after several days of practice on keyboard, my fingers would get sore and tired and as a common sense would tell me, I would take rest. But after a few ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Playing guitar as naturally as singing?

Does playing guitar become natural at some level of expertise, or is that extremely uncommon? Do you always have to do mental calculations and memorize things in advance, or does a moment come when ...
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3 votes
3 answers

"Easiest to sound ok" small non-reed woodwinds to learn

Of all the small woodwinds from any culture, which ones are known for having the SHORTEST learning curve (for a veteran of any common woodwind) to achieve clean, controlled tones from 90% of playable ...
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How can one categorize himself as a Beginner or Intermediate Guitarist?

I'm a self taught guitarist(if you don't count Rocksmith 2014) who plays rhythm guitar only as a hobby. I always get tongue tied when someone asks me "are you a beginner?" because I don't know the ...
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Can piano be self learned? [duplicate]

I'm 24 and very interested in learning piano (to a professional level). I've never been to any class and I have to start from the scratch. Is it possible to learn piano on your own? How long does it ...
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5 answers

How to keep practicing to compose music when you're too picky to listen to yourself playing

I'm a pianist, and I also compose songs in DAWs. My main spare time occupation is to improvise on the piano, and I've been doing it for several years now. Even before I learned any instruments (when ...
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4 answers

How difficult is it to play Beethoven's (Emperor) Piano Concerto No. 5?

At what ABRSM grade would it be sensible to attempt the piano component of this sublime piece of music?
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23 votes
4 answers

Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier Order

I have played a few pairs of pieces from this collection, however it was some time ago. I have the ambitious goal to work my way through the entire collection. It will obviously take me some time to ...
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37 votes
11 answers

How many hours of practice total are typical for different piano grades?

Malcolm Gladwell's book, "Outliers", stated a hypothesis: becoming good at something takes about 10,000 hours of practice. I've recently been wondering how long a typical piano student has practiced ...
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How do I describe the difficulty of my song?

As part of my practice and for my mini-concerts I compose arrangements to songs, most of which so far are Simon & Garfunkel songs. I also have started giving away some sheet music to some friends ...
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