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A particular technique for playing the guitar utilizing a glass or metal cylinder which slides along the strings to stop them at different pitches without pressing the strings to the fingerboard at fixed locations

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Guitar bassline and melody independence

I come from a self-taughting background, so I'm sorry for any bad terminology in the question. Some time ago, when learning Blind Willie Johnson - Nobody's fault but mine, I first practiced the slide ...
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Which guitar/strings for slide blues (acoustic)?

What I need to know is not a brand name, but kind of guitar ? as I want to learn this magic style which is slide blues, using a bottleneck, I am wondering which kind of guitars, or which strings would ...
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Oiling a whole guitar body instead of using lacquer/paint/varnish

I have just been making my first guitar over the last few days from scratch and I have just gotten to the point of needing a finish for it. I was wondering if anyone had experience in oiling a whole ...
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Slide Guitar - Pressing frets before the slide

I'm very new to slide guitar playing, so this might sound like a stupid question. But I'm trying to learn this "Georgia on my mind" cover on a slide guitar, and I ran into a doubt. Sometimes, like on ...
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What are the sonic differences between glass and metal slides?

Are there any sonic differences between a glass and metal slide for electric guitar? Is there any particular reason why one would choose a glass slide over a metal slide, or is it simply just a ...
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How to play "Slides from Thoughtless Time" by Franco Morone

I'm trying to learn the song "Slides from Thoughtless Time" by Franco Morone. The song is relatively easy to play. But there is one thing I'm not sure about. My songbook says the tuning is DADF#AD. ...
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Pre-requisite Skills for Playing with a Slide (acoustic)

Love listening to slide guitar and would like to teach myself how to play. Although, I'm hesitant because I feel like there are more fundamental techniques that I should learn before jumping into ...
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How to learn to play guitar with a slide?

I have always wanted to play guitar with a slide. How should I go about learning this skill?
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