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A type of tuba with a wide bell pointing forward above the player's head and circular coils which wrap around the body, resting on the player's left shoulder and right hip. Used in marching bands

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History - age - of Sousaphone with brand "Symphonic"?

Our band is using an old Sousaphone which still produces a nice deep round tone. The brand "symphonic" and history (serial number 613635) however is unknown. Many musicians asked us about ...
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What instrument is this?

I thought it was a tuba, and it sounds like one, but looking around for pictures it seems the tuba is a smaller instrument. Is this an unusual type of tuba, or what?
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Sousaphone for child

My grandson is in love with the Tuba. I wish everyone that loves that instrument could see him. He walks around air playing it all the time. He is a great big Georgia Bulldog fan and especially ...
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Is "J41" a known Sousaphone model? Of which brand?

The sousaphone I'm speaking of in another question has "J 41" embossed near the screws that hold the bell. I'm wondering if this could be a model name. Does anyone know the brand ? Or the place where ...
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Sousaphone repair suggestions

I've recently bought a cheap battered second (probably mode) hand sousaphone on a garage sale. It is in faily bad shape, but the valves look ok. The instrument is made of a metallic grey alloy which ...
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