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Questions related specifically to the stands that hold up musical equipment, such as sheet music, keyboards and microphones.

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How to fix floppy scores

I use a standard Manhasset stand, but whenever I try to work with a large format score (11x17), the top of it flops over the back of the stand desk. To clarify, the score is 17 inches tall and 11 ...
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Where does this O-ring belong on this Blue microphone?

I recently took my Blue 888--000322 off of a normal mic stand and re-installed it on its desktop stand (which came packaged with it). When I was done, I found this tiny o-ring on my desk. Where does ...
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Keeping single sheets of music on the stand

I have been looking for a music stand with a retaining lip to stop single sheets of music from sliding off the shelf at the bottom of the stand, so far without success. Is there a particular term I ...
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Are cross-legged digital keyboard stands comfortable while playing seated

I'm buying my first digital keyboard, more specifically a Yamaha NP12. I intend to play seated and I wonder if a cross legged stand is comfortable. Would I have enough room for my legs/knees or ...
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Attachable Piano Stand

I have a Yamaha P45 keyboard and it has screw holes at the bottom. But I can't seem to find a piano stand that will attach to it. The Yamaha L3C doesn't specify my type of piano and I don't think it ...
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Fixing keyboard stand

We've got Yamaha PSR-E453 keyboard. It allows mounting to a stand with screws. However, there are very few keyboard stands available that support this. Most keyboard stands are universal and you ...
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Is it bad to leave my microphone in its clip?

I have an SM58 microphone and recently got a stand for it. Is it bad to leave the microphone in the clip - will the clip get worn? Thank you!
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What do 'vent holes' do on a music stand?

I was looking at music stands and a number of them do not have solid backs, rather, they have holes through them, like shown. Are these just for aesthetic purposes, or do they have a practical purpose?...
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