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Is there a way to merge to mono without boosting the center component?

Normally, if you merge stereo to mono, the center component gets a +3dB boost because it is doubled. Is there a way to merge stereo to mono while keeping the balance between the center and sides?
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What are the benefits of stereo or mono recording?

Is there any difference between recording in mono or in stereo? Does stereo convey more atmosphere? What is the use of recording in stereo or mono? And what do you recommend?
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Connect mixer to fm xmtr, noise-free, xlr to unbalanced? Can I run the length first balanced, then adapt? (Church)

I'm trying to wire up a CZH 12V CZE-7C FM TRANSMITTER at church with stereo, its just pushing mono right now. I have to make a purchase to get the correct cabling. The xmtr is installed in the foyer, ...
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Can I record stereo on dynamic mics?

Can I record stereo on dynamic mics? I heard that stereo sound needs some distance. But dynamic microphones are recording at a very close distance. You simply don’t have enough space for a stereo ...
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Old speakers not working when attached to a RCA output device with an adapter

I have a pair of old Pioneer S-P170 speakers that I’m trying to hook up to various RCA output devices with the use of an adapter I recently purchased. I know the speakers work and have the positive ...
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Get output from keyboard in mono powered mixer

I have 2 keyboards that I want to connect to a powered mixer Work Kronus PRO 6500. The mixer has 6 mono inputs and 2 stereo RCA. First keyboard is a Korg that has 2 outputs L (mono) and R. This one ...
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How do I convert stereo output to mono input?

I have a mixer that has a stereo output (a choice of rca or 3.5mm) and I want to connect this to an effects pedal. But I have a mono effects delay pedal that takes one mono input. How would I convert ...
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Recording Stereo With U-Phoria UM2

I record my Clavinova CLP-360 with a Behringer UM2 interface. However, I can only record in mono using only one of the inputs on the interface. Would I be able to record in stereo if I connected ...
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What is the difference in using mono reverb vs stereo reverb?

I'm getting into mixing the last month as it's a vital role in publishing my music for sale online so here goes my question. When would you use mono reverb on an instrument and for what purpose/s? ...
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