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Flexible material that provides vibrations in string instruments

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Silk classical guitar string gauge is too big for bridge holes

My classical guitar has a plastic bridge with pre-drilled or precast holes gauged for standard nylon classical strings. I got some silk strings which are a bit higher gauge and don’t all fit by just ...
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Electric guitar out of tune on 12th fret(intonation)

I just bought an electric guitar (stratocaster), and I'm a beginner, so setting it up is a welcome and annoying challenge. The issue I have is with the intonation. The high E is fine on the open ...
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When to use natural vs. artificial harmonics

I am working on the above homework assignment regarding string harmonics. I'm stuck on exercise #2. What are the rules or guidelines for determining whether a pitch should be played via a natural or ...
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Ibanez SA160FML G & B String Warble/Oscillation Issue

So i recently purchased an SA160FML. My guitar shop had a brand new piece because no one wanted a lefty but it was an old stock since this guitar is now discontinued. I checked it at the shop and ...
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Nut + tuning instrument

So I changed my strings for the first time on my electric and I accidentally wound my low E string the opposite way. I don't really want to get more strings and have leftovers. Will this hurt the nut ...
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Do archtop guitars need special strings different from flat top guitars?

It has dawned on me that I might possibly improve the acoustic sound of my Epiphone Emperor archtop if I used different strings. It has a floating humbucker and sounds really nice when I play it ...
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What's the cause of a very quiet top E string on my '97 MIM Strat?

I recently got a 97 min strat,and the high e string is really quiet compared to the rest of my strings.Is there something I'm missing?Thanks.
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