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How do you subtractively synthesize a tanpura drone and its timbre?

How do I subtractively synthesize a tanpura drone and its timbre? The tanpura has 4 strings (Basic notes of Tanpura). The first is tuned to a fifth or some other note, the next two are tuned in unison ...
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How to make A-scale Bansuri blend into A-scale Tampura

I have A scale Bass Bansuri 6 holes, total length is 23.5", length from embouchure (blowing hole) to Pa (6th and last hole) is 16" I use online Tanpura, ...
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Ear Training Using Tanpura

Tanpura is most important instrument for learning and practicing indian classical music. One another advantage of tanpura is it helps in ear training as well. In tanpura there are 3 main notes (pa of ...
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Why are tanpura strings tuned to two different notes?

As a continuation of this question, why does the tanpura have 4 strings playing different notes (Sa plus Pa, ma, or Ni)? I had the understanding that the tanpura is mainly there to provide reference ...
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Tanpura app during Bansuri Practice

I am viewing this tutorial and am unclear on Please clarify two things What is purpose of Tanpura (I got Tanpura Droid) playing in background. Is it to create an ...
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Basic notes of Tanpura

Tanpura has 4 strings which play : Pa/Ma/Ni(1), Sa(2), Sa(3), Sa(4); want to know more about these notes. Such as, "Pa/Ma/Ni" being played on Tanpura are of Mandra or Madhya Saptak, then following "Sa ...
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tanpura - 7 notes?

I overheard that indian music disputes the notion that 7 notes are equally divided. Hence, people should use tanpura (instead of harmonium or piano) to practice with. I googled about it, and I read ...
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