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Questions tagged [temperature]

For questions asking about how certain temperatures will affect the sound of a musical instrument.

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6 votes
5 answers

How does temperature affect tuning?

Off the back of comments on one of the answers to this question: How do room layouts affect tuning? So, I know the short answer is "It depends on the instrument", but ideally I'd like to ...
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Problems placing analog synth on window shelf above radiator?

I have recently purchased an analog synthesizer (the DSI OB-6 Desktop). Unfortunately, the only place I can place it is on a window shelf which has a water-heated radiator below it. I have read that ...
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1 answer

Low temperatures and humidity when playing outdoors?

I'm really in desperate need of advice as I've asked countless of people and no one seems to give me a direct answer. I live in northern Europe and temperatures are typically around -5 to 10 C during ...
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3 votes
6 answers

Effects of keeping an amplifier in the car

While it seems like it's probably best not to expose anything to extreme climates, will keeping a guitar/bass amplifier in a car for a day, in either hot or cold climates, have any short-term effects ...
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11 votes
4 answers

Do cold/hot drinks have any effect on woodwinds and brass performers?

Hey, I saw this question and I immediately remembered one or two teachers that kept saying that drinking cold/hot drinks before and/or during playing any woodwind or brass instrument was a bad thing, ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Does environmental (or food/drink) temperature have an effect on the voice?

Does ambient temperature (i.e. winter vs summer) or food/drink temperature (i.e. cold vs hot) have an effect on voice: Texture Pitch/range Strength
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16 votes
11 answers

Tips for playing outdoors in cold weather?

A few years ago our church band had a gig playing early in the morning to a volunteer crew to get them pumped for the day ahead. It was about 7AM and in the 30s F. It's a good thing I was only playing ...
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