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Questions tagged [terminology]

For questions about the terms used to describe music or the language used within the musical field. Questions about symbols should use the "notation" tag.

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Is there a compositional term for an introductory variation on a larger theme?

I’ve noticed that in some music spaces, specifically entertainment and gaming, composers rely heavily on character or main themes as recurring motifs. One such instance I’ve heard recently involves ...
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Is there another name for a suspension that creates a chord in the given key?

Here's a progression of a German 6th chord to V in C minor: But that creates parallel perfect fifths between the alto and bass(Ab-G, Eb-D). Since I'm lazy, instead of fixing that, I cover it up with ...
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Is there a term for when lyrics are integrated with words from a sampled beat?

Is there a term for when the lyrics of a song are integrated with words from a sampled beat? I see this particularly in hip-hop. For example, the hook from Game's "Dreams" has lyrics: Lettin' the ink ...
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Turkish and German names for quarter tones

I am interested in Turkish music and stumbled over quarter tones. Now I would love to be able to name those notes in Turkish and German but didn't find the respective ways to name those notes. However,...
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Are there widely accepted names for 31edo modes?

I am looking for scales and modes in 31edo, and I found this page: It's overall a nice library of scales. The issue is, the namings are too unique that I cannot find ...
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What are the most common kick-snare patterns?

Problem I use LilyPond to write notation for drums, and because the coding behind the typesetting is complex I've integrated the use of vim's "Ultisnips" plugin to help write out bits of ...
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What is this harmony in this pokemon battle theme?

Fair warning: I'm more-or-less a complete neophyte when it comes to music theory. I Bede's theme from Pokemon Sword/Shield, there's a piano riffing in a descending manner in the harmony in a really ...
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Are there applications of interval graphs in musical analysis?

For each voice v_j we have notes n_ji (not rests) which are played at times s_ji and end at time e_ji. Now let us collet all intervals of time where the notes of all voices are played: I_1 = [a_1,b_1],...
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Is there a musical term for a fading or decaying echo?

Is there a term for a fading echo of a note or chord? And how might someone create this effect in a modern DAW based on recording a single note or chord on a keyboard or guitar? I've done a search and ...
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Is there a name for the way George Strait phrases his lines?

When looking at the sheet music I have noticed that most of his phrasing is at the end or beginning of a Measure in a very short choppy line. Is there a name for this style of phrasing? For example, &...
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More Terms for Melodic Functions in Narrative Situations

Leitmotifs (which in this context I mean as a motif or theme representing a person, place, thing, idea, etc.) are one of the only music theory concepts that have really escaped into (comparatively) ...
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Why do some songs change while fading out? What is it called?

I noticed that some songs repeat a theme and then fade out at the end, but before completely fading out the song "changes". For example, the singer sings different words (that don't appear ...
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What does it mean to rework or remodel an existing composition?

I was looking at the contributing artists for Ryuichi Sakamoto's album ASYNC-REMODELS, where on the back cover are some terms I wasn't so sure what they meant: You can see that the first track is ...
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Term for chorus that sounds like pre-chorus

I'm not good with musical terms, but I like to listen to songs that have odd and strange parts while maintaining "good" structure. There's a song called Remember Me by Oh My Girl. To my ear, the ...
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What are the terms figure, segment and cell?

According to the Wikipedia article on Cell, it "may be distinguished from the figure", however the definition that is later quoted as "the smallest indivisible unit" is very ...
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What is this vocal ornament called?

There is a vocal technique used in this audio clip that sounds Arabic and melismatic on the lyric “smile”. The notes go up from G3 to G#3 and back to G3 again. Some say it is a mordent but I think the ...
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Drumming bridge/crescendo

Do drummers have a name for this particular kind of bridge/crescendo, for example: Life in the Fast Lane - Eagles (3:57) Who We Are - Camel (4:22)
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What does the term "ex tempore" mean?

I was going to give an answer and in this quotation about Werckmeister I encountered the term ex tempore. enter link description here I first thought this means memorizing and playing by heart. A ...
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