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A series of three smaller intervals, together spanning a perfect fourth.

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How did tetrachords become whole and half steps?

How did the ancient Greek concept of tetrachords evolve into the whole- and half-step model familiar today?
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Why did the ancient Greeks choose tetrachords?

Why did the ancient Greeks choose tetrachords as the basis for their musical theory rather than some other structure?
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History of Tetrachords [duplicate]

I posted a similar question not too long ago and it was suggested that I look into tetrachords and I quickly understood why, but now I have questions about tetrachords. For what reason are diatonic ...
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Scale with major, minor, diminshed and augmented chords in it [closed]

I am looking for a well-known example of a scale, which has a minor, major, diminished and augmented chord in it. I mean the following: When I write down the scale and write down the triad on every ...
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Quartal Harmonization Experimentation with Double Harmonic Major

Context: I'm a guitarist teaching myself music theory and am experimenting with quartal harmonization to achieve the open sound that I desire. I also like the intervalic pattern of the double harmonic ...
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How can you detect seventh chords by ear?

I've been trying to detect seventh chords, major and minor seventh for at least one week, doing them unsucessfully... My method have been, for the moment, going to and trying to learn ...
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Tetrachords in medieval music

Are tetrachords used in medieval/renaissance music the same way as modern chords are used in modern music (as a base for the melody)? And if so... how are the applied?
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In ancient Greece, did they use the Pythagoras discovery of ratios to create tetra-chord?

To my basic understanding: In ancient Greek they were primarily using tetra-chords and there was three main standard divisions of these tetra-chords called genus. In the same era Pythagoras ...
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What are the greek modes, and how do they differ from modern modes?

This Question might be TwoFold, based on an uncertainty I have I understand the construction of traditional Ionian-Locrian modes, and I have read that various notes in the modes have traditionally ...
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