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Questions tagged [texture]

For questions related to musical density and orchestration, including but not limited to monophony, homophony, and polyphony.

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Hip-Hop Song Analysis [closed]

A friend and I are delving into some UK Hip-hop and have been listening to the much older songs and analyzing their style. I was wondering if anyone would want to help and provide their detailed input ...
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What type of piano was used in the intro of this song? [closed]

I'm listening to this music for about a couple of months. But I can't find a piano with similar texture and fullness. It will be better if some can tell me where can I find a VST piano which sounds ...
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Are there "left-hand" pianists that keep time with their right hand?

Typically keeping rhythm is a low-end job: bassists in a guitar band, and the left hand in playing the piano. Admittedly I know nearly nothing about playing the piano. But I thought I would ask: Are ...
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Homophony vs Polyphony

Would I be correct if I were to define homophony vs polyphony as chords vs lines? If homophony is defined as a single melody with chordal accompaniment, and polyphony as several melodies with equal ...
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Are Canons heterophonic? What about Canonic ENTRIES (not strictly a Canon)

Heterophonic texture is when the same melody is played and it overlaps in other voices. I'm pretty sure canons do this to, but the web did not say anything about this.
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Texture of Beethoven's Symphony Number 8 movement 1

I have been struggling to come up with a conclusion if the first movement of Beethoven's Symphony No. 8 has a polyphonic texture. But I cannot find a valid reason. Does anyone have any solid ideas of ...
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Do parts need to overlap in order to be considered as imitation?

I understand that imitation is repetition within a polyphonic my understanding is that for example, when the trumpet part repeats the string part at 0:21 in this piece by Handel ( ...
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Polyphony vs Monophony

I am taking a basic music class as an elective and was given a chart to compare monophony and polyphony. The elements within the chart are: Melody, Accompaniment, Harmony, Rhythm of Words, Dynamics ...
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Theories of musical texture

I know the basic distinctions of polyphonic/homophonic/heterophonic/monophonic, but I would be interested in either a formal attempt to describe how to distinguish one from the other, a more fine-...
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What is the texture to this Prelude by J. S. Bach

My piano teacher gave me the following to practice with. It is near on perfect for a beginner as it is only one hand playing, at one time. Prelude by J. Bach It got me thinking however. The image ...
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