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The theremin is an early electronic musical instrument controlled without discernible physical contact from the player.

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What's the earliest known example of music written for an electronic instrument?

The other day I stumbled upon Joseph Schillinger's First Airphonic Suite, a 1929 orchestral suite that includes a part for theremin. Since this was written 10 years after the invention of the theremin,...
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What's the importance in grounding my OpenTheremin V3?

I have just recently assembled, calibrated, and test-played my OpenTheremin V3. With what little I know, I believe the instrument to be performing as expected. It sounds reasonable to my ears. ...
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Are theremin's pitch hand positions unique?

I don't know much about theremins, and wondered about this: given a constant volume, I would like to know if I can produce the same note with different hand positions or if all notes have a specific/...
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Theremin recommendations

I was wondering if anyone around here had any experience playing the Theremin and might be able to recommend some specific models on the market that are worth looking into. Any advise/ideas are highly ...
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Is it possible to combine a guitar with a theremin cello in the same neck?

For reference, a theremin cello is similar to the classic thermin of 50s sci-fi sound effects fame, but packaged with a neck and played like a cello with the left hand selecting pitch along the neck, ...
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Why is the ribbon controller on the Otamatone not linear?

Most ribbon controllers are linear, but the one on the Otamatone behaves like a guitar or a cheap theremin, with higher notes closer together. Can it be made linear?
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How difficult is to get basic melody out of Theremin?

All instruments are difficult at the end, but how much skills required to play theremin are comparable to skills to play the similar piece on say piano, guitar or the like? Is the amount of effort ...
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Are there some easy tests a novice can make to ensure that a Theremin is working properly?

I'm looking at a theremin listed for sale on Craigslist, and am tempted to buy it. I have musical skill and knowledge, but am entirely unfamiliar with theremins. When presented with the instrument, ...
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What methods can I use to aid note accuracy when playing a Theremin

The main problem I have with the Theremin is identifying "anchors" to help train my muscle memory for note accuracy. My first violin, about 35 years ago, had tape added by my instructor for the first ...
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