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For questions related to Leonard Euler's representation of harmonic relationships in a two-dimensional lattice.

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Are there any rules of thumb for shifting the key signature within a tone net?

[ ... struggling with giving this a better title ] I'm working out the algorithmic bases for generation of a tone-net (tonnetz) in preparation for programming the presentation layer. The problem is ...
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Triangle Tonnetz vs. Hexagon Tonnetz

I have just started to learn about Tonnetz and I've run across two very representations of the same information in different types of Tonnetz. In the first one shown below the triangles represent a ...
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Tonnetz algorithms

I'm looking for applied algorithms for Riemannian tonnetz. I was thinking first of the "big bang" approach with some of the 3D projections of tonnetz, but those are overshoot.
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unconnected tonnetz chords

In terms of Tonnetz analysis, is there any special significance to a chord that does not form a connected graph when using a Tonnetz diagram? For example an augmented 7th chord ( as in C-E-G#-Bb ) is ...
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Is there anything special about A♭ in a Tonnetz?

I just discovered what a Tonnetz is, and I'm amazed by the treasure of information that is hidden in this diagram: Among others, it's easy to find major/minor/augmented/diminished chords, or the ...
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Are there geometric symmetries in musical harmonics?

This may be more of an acoustical physics question, but is there something fundamental about wave harmonics that leads to geometric symmetries like a 3:4:5 triangle in a Tonnetz triangle? The image ...
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