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What should I look in a portable piano (for frequent travels)?

What are the characteristics that a good portable piano should have? Considering that I will take frequent flights with it, what's the best I still can get for learning to play the piano?
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2 answers

Transporting woodwind instruments at low temperatures

For the coming season I am facing the problem that I have to get my double-reed instruments from my home to the rehearsal location and back, while it can get way below zero outside (-20° C). I will be ...
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12 votes
4 answers

What is actually involved in moving a piano?

I'm aware that when moving a piano, especially a good one, care must be taken and using a proper mover is strongly recommended. But what is actually involved in moving a piano (other than lifting the ...
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2 answers

How cold is too cold to move a piano?

I'm having a piano moved by professionals to my house tomorrow morning when its supposed to be between 40-45 degrees F and 65% humidity. I've asked them to cover it during the move. It should take ...
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5 answers

Effects of keeping an amplifier in the car

While it seems like it's probably best not to expose anything to extreme climates, will keeping a guitar/bass amplifier in a car for a day, in either hot or cold climates, have any short-term effects ...
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