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How to prepare for trinity's aural exam

I am going to give my trinity piano grade 5 classical and jazz exam later this year in October, one of my supporting tests is aural. Now, there are websites and apps that I found online which can help ...
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Do the music examination bodies like trinity mandate playing the triads with with only (5-3-1) in Left Hand and (1-3-5) in Right Hand?

My music teacher has always told me to use only pinky, middle finger and thumb (5-3-1) while practicing the triad chords. Though I am trying to use it, it becomes difficult on the black keys. ...
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What is "Piano Accompanying Exam" in Trinity?

I was going through Trinity Piano Syllabus and saw that they have exams in Piano from Grades 1-8 and "Piano Accompanying" exam from Grades 5-8. How does it work? Everyone taking Grade 5-8 will also ...
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Taking up piano exams

I have started learning Piano myself, using my keyboard. I wanted to take up exams (trinity guildhall) . When I checked the trinity site it says two different courses for piano and keyboard . Which ...
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