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One of a family of small four-string chordophones with nylon or gut strings, originating in Hawaii.

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What is the practical reason for reentrant tuning on ukulele and similar instruments?

I'm intruiged by the fact that some stringed instruments, like the ukulele, are traditionally tuned in the way of reentrant tuning where the strings are not ordered from the lowest to the highest ...
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How to Choose the Best Alternate Tuning

This is essentially a generalized version of this question for fingerstyle guitar, and I'm surprised I can't find it on this website: how do I find the most optimal alternate tuning for a guitar/bass(/...
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Is Learning Guitar and Ukulele side by side a good idea?

I'm trying to decide whether it's a good idea to learn playing the guitar while I am also learning the ukulele. I've been playing ukulele since about six months and I'm making really good progress. ...
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How to play B major? What is the finger placement?

One other thing is, is there more one way to play B major? Why are there different fingerings for just the B major chord? For example:
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Distinction between same notes played on different strings

While playing a particular piece (not chords, fingerpicking/single note playing) on my ukulele (or as far as the question is concerned, any similar instrument), I use the standard notation and then ...
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Left Hander forced to learn ukulele and guitar right handed

I just need your thoughts regarding left hand guitar players. I come from a piano- and xylophone-playing family. I am the only right hander in my family (my father, mother and 3 brothers are all left ...
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What things to look for when buying my first ukulele?

I want to buy an ukulele, and I have no idea of what to expect or what to look for. Which brands have a good quality-price ratio? What types of ukuleles are there? What do I want to avoid? What to ...
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What should I look for in a ukulele amp

I bought an electric ukulele and now I need an amp for it. What should I be looking for? Is there any uke specific things that are particular to this kind of amp? Would a regular guitar amp work just ...
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Is it OK to play a G chord on the Ukulele differently than the standard finger position?

I'm very new to learning any instrument, so the uke is my first foray into anything musical. My question is, the standard placement of fingers for a G chord is not what I learned originally and I'm ...
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Is it normal for new bought ukeleles to be out of tune every few minutes?

I've bought a new ukelele and it's been quite a while since I've last held a musical instrument (a year, maybe), so it might be possible that I'm just quite rusty with toning a guitar/ukelele. I ...
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Guitar for child

My 6-year old has shown interest in playing guitar when I am playing mine. My guitar is way too big for her small hands. Are half-sized guitars useful for learning? Or should I think about something ...
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difficulties tuning C string on ukulele

I'm having some troubles trying to tune the C string on my ukulele (the biggest of all the 4). I happen to have no issues with the other ones, but this takes so much time to to be tuned and it won't ...
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Having trouble tuning my Ukulele...

I have a Soprano Ukulele, in standard GCEA tuning, and I've signed up for a 'Ukulele Summer School' (a special deal for 5 weeks of lessons with a little bit of money off) to try to get started on the ...
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