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Questions tagged [voice-change]

For questions about either gradual change to an individual's voice (especially puberty-related changes), or about abrupt changes due to other factors such as personal injury or illness.

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Teacher needing helping with student's voice

So I am a private teacher and have a fourteen year old student that has a very hard time singing above an A5. Her voice either cuts out or is very unsupported and airy. It is also very shaky. There is ...
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I’m 24 years old with a baby voice [closed]

I want to change my voice how do I do that because my voice sound like a little kid voice
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Is head voice usable in comfortable range?

So im a baritone with d2 to c5 or d5(not sure yet because im still struggling in high notes). In one of my recent classes i might have realized something but not sure yet. I used to use my head voice ...
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What Causes the Changes in Singer Voices Like Mick Jagger's?

His voice has gone from fairly musical/tonal to being more shouted than anything else. This was at least somewhat inspired by a recent question about the effects of smoking on a voice over time. Is it ...
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Why does my singing voice sound squeeky [closed]

Most of the times I sing on pitch but still my singing sounds extremely dull. . How can I fix this ?
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most karaoke songs are too high for me to sing

i am an untrained singer, and i did many tests in the youtube videos to check my vocal range.. i can hit (not necessary sing with confidence) the g2 - g#4. is it normal it i cannot sing most of the ...
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Is it better for the voice to match the music?

I'm 18 and very new to music theory. I was in band and middle school for a year and took Music Appreciation in my senior year of high school. But one thing I never came to understand was sound keys ...
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How to deal with voice change?

I am a 14 year old boy and I think my voice is changing. Last year I used to nail notes from D4-G5 in my chest voice and I was always taking the high octave (even with the girls singing) but over the ...
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I'm a 17 year old boy who has been described as a Tenor, but somehow I feel like my voice hit a brick wall [closed]

First of all I have no idea how to warm up because somehow it feels pointless. second is that one day I would sing high and a few days or a week later it would seem like my voice is struggling to ...
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Boy alto or counter-tenor?

This is a video of Stefan Kahle singing “Erbarme dich” from the Matthew Passion: My question: How old was he when this recording was made? Is he here still ...
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2 answers

What voice to use when speaking?

OK, I believe I'm the first one asking this question because I tried to find answer everywhere and just couldn't! I am 15 years old (almost 16 years old). I always knew how to sing, and two years ...
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5 votes
4 answers

Voice changes after illness

I recovered from the flu a few weeks ago, but my voice hasn't returned to its normal range. I'm a fairly high soprano usually, and have a comfortable range from about a Middle C to a high Eb. For ...
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2 answers

Passagio Points & Vocal Breaks

What the purpose of a singer or vocalist knowing the different breaks in their passagio. Does knowing your passagio points reveal what voice you're in?
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3 votes
3 answers

How to get a louder voice - layman

I don't make music anymore and particularly, I am not a singer, but simply would like to train my voice intensity and clarity. Singing was recommended to me so I made an attempt using this Vocal Match ...
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Male Whistle Register?

Firstly, I'm a 15 year old male (soon to be 16) and since my voice changed because of puberty I couldn't sing as well as I used to. (I was in a church choir and one of the nuns told my mum that when ...
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