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Questions related to the use of the human voice as an instrument (singing).

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How to extend and strengthen low end of vocal range? (I need about a whole tone extra.)

There are a bunch of songs that I'd like to sing that sit just under my vocal range (the low E of the guitar range, or the D under it). I can reach these notes with some effort, but it feels forced ...
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1 answer

Can vocal range extrema be reached by a lot of practice?

Wikipedia lists the world records and extremes of the vocal range, can extrema be reached by a lot of practice or were they born with that?
35 votes
7 answers

How can I safely extend my vocal range?

What type of vocal exercises should I be looking for? Are there any temporary influences to the vocal range, like having had a drink?
9 votes
3 answers

How much louder can a singer go safely above the conversation voice ?

It seems that some increase in loudness is inevitable when going to higher notes. Is there any widely known recommendation or rule of thumb from the voice experts as to how many decibels can a singer ...
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How long should a professional singer be able to sing in a single breath ?

How many seconds of nonstop voice (or silence) without taking another breath is satisfactory for a professional singer ? Is there a rule thumb ? does it depend on the register ?
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2 answers

Does environmental (or food/drink) temperature have an effect on the voice?

Does ambient temperature (i.e. winter vs summer) or food/drink temperature (i.e. cold vs hot) have an effect on voice: Texture Pitch/range Strength
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7 votes
3 answers

Are sweet drinks bad for singing?

I've been told by a high school choral director that drinking sweet drinks, such as soda, before singing is not not healthy/good for the voice. Is this true? If so, why is it bad for you?
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25 votes
2 answers

What are Head voice and Chest voice

Head voice and Chest voice were discussed in this question about natural voice, but despite singing in choirs for nearly 9 years I have never heard of them. Can someone provide a good description of ...
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44 votes
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Why do I yawn while singing?

Singing almost always make me yawn. I've heard this is due to not breathing correctly, but I'm not sure what that means. What's the correct way to breathe while singing so I don't yawn?
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What choir pieces are suited to warm up a new, small choir?

Soon I will have the pleasant duty of leading an amateur choir at a two-week summer camp. I am looking for warming up pieces that are easy, but fun. It should be possible to learn them without having ...
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4 answers

How can I be sure that I am singing effortlessly in my natural voice?

I have years of vocalization practice, but I still start straining while singing—especially if I am not vigilant. It happens imperceptibly and is a hard habit to break. Is there a reliable technique ...
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Improving breath support

What are some exercises or tips to help singers improve their breath support?
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Criteria for selecting a voice teacher [closed]

I have been singing in a (classical) choir for several years, including the occasional solo line, and am now seriously considering voice lessons. However, finding a good teacher seems like a daunting ...
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4 answers

Putting guitar and song together

So, I'm still working on this. I started singing with my playing using hey ya as my first song. (In fact that was the first song I ever played) Ironically I always lose it at the verse that goes ...
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