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Windows is a series of graphical user interface-based operating systems developed by Microsoft for personal computers.

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Yamaha NP-35's speaker as Windows 11 output

I am able to select NP-35 as my output in MacOS but I am unable to select it as a sound output device on windows 11. I have verified that the keyboard is connected as I am able to use it in Piano ...
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I installed the Ableton trial but can't find the actual application [closed]

I installed the Ableton Trial and now I'm trying to open a project with it but I can't find the application under the open apps option. When I write Ableton in my search the only application I find is ...
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MLC Subzero 100 – Unwanted sound during fade out

I am an amateur attempting to play my Samick electric guitar (Strat imitation with all 3 single coil pickups). On my Windows 10 Desktop PC, I have an Amp Sim called Guitar-Rig 5. I also tried another ...
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Why am I told an audio Interface is better than a soundcard for my guitar

I plug in my electric guitar to the Line-IN port (No pre-amp) of my desktop PC’s HD soundcard. It's onboard soundcard by Realtek. I use amp sim called Guitar Rig 5 (GR5) on Windows 10. It works. My ...
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Launchpad X Causes Power Surge on USB Ports [closed]

Essentially what the title says. I recently picked up a lightly-used Launchpad X. Out of the box, it was working fine. It lit up, was receiving power, and was recognized by my computer. That was, ...
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Screwed up in caustic 3. Want to delete recorded notes

In Caustic 3 I activated de red record button and played some notes for testing purposes using a synth and now I can't delete the recorded part. I can't see it in the pattern tab of that synth neither ...
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how to play midi keyboard on windows? [duplicate]

First, let me say I am an absolute newbie. I have a couple of Yamaha keyboards and wish to play other instruments than just the voices that come with it. I found questions like this answered, How to ...
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Lilypond with LaTeX

Can someone ELI5 the process? I've tried reading the guide from but it doesn't seem to work. I am on Windows ...
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