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For questions related to music not within the Western canon of classical and popular music. Examples include folk music of various peoples, music of indigenous peoples, and music from areas where cultures intermingle.

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Which genres of African folk music uses high strung tuning on guitars?

Several links (, for example) make a distinction between high-strung tuning (an octave higher EAD strings) and Nashville tuning (an octave ...
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How come scales that differ in their ascent and descent tend to use raised notes going up and lowered notes going down regardless of musical culture?

A great variety of scales across the world differ in the way they go up and down. Some examples that come to mind are the Melodic minor that has A and B natural going up but Bb and Ab going down. A ...
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Does this mode of voice have a name and a use?

I found when I was a child that if I attempt to sing a note in a particular part of my vocal range, I can produce a chord rather than the usual single note. I can even speak in this mode. It is ...
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What just intonation intervals are appropriate for the double-harmonic scale?

In musical traditions where something like the double-harmonic scale (e.g. C D♭ E F G A♭ B C) is used, and tuned with some kind of just intonation, what just intervals are preferred for the scale ...
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How else is Girls' Generation "Into the New World" related to Dvorak's Symphony No. 9 in E minor, "From the New World"? [closed]

I've been listening to Into the New World (song) since 2008. But I didn't realize until today that Mindblown. : SNSD the opening phrase in ITNW contains the same sequence of notes as the first theme ...
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How accurate are 12TET approximations of Japanese scales?

Is it possible on normal European instruments to play Japanese scales like the Hirajōshi, Insen, In, Ryo, etc, without retuning? If I do have to retune, where can I find out which exact intervals are ...
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Are scales usually 7 notes in Middle-Eastern music?

I noticed that the Phrygian dominant (aka hijaz maqam) is used a lot in Middle-Eastern music. I also noticed that the oud, which is capable of playing microtonal intervals, is used a lot too. Although ...
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Can the rhythm of any music with a consistent pulse be represented through a time signature?

I tried this with a lot of world music (I myself am an Indian) and majority of it, that followed a consistent pulse or a well timed rhythm, could be expressed neatly using time signatures. Can this ...
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Non-western music with tonic/predominant/dominant (or something like it)

Are there any examples of non-Western music which have the equivalent of predominant and dominant passages as well as tonic passages, or even just the notion of dominant vs tonic? If not, are there ...
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Does a phylogeny of Afro-cuban rhythms exist?

I've recently been immersing myself in Afro-cuban rhythms. There are many similarities between them, and it struck me that it would be interesting to learn how they are related to each other with a ...
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Flamenco - How to find band mates that appreciate it and in a new town?

I moved into a regional town in Australia, that is mostly surrounded by Blues, Rock, Pop or Top-40 musicians. The closest answer I found here is this one, which has some good suggestions that apply ...
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Arabic Maqam Keyboard?

I have read that the Arabic maqam system has 24 pitches in an octave. Are there any instruments (keyboards especially) that have been made specifically to be able to play all 24 tones?
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What is the history of the Augmented Second in World Music

In his book Gypsy Music, Bálint Sárosi states that the Augmented Second --- as found between the second and third, third and fourth, sixth and seventh in a lot of Gypsy as well as Indian and Middle ...
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End Accents in Other Cultures

Disclaimer: It's difficult mixing terminology between Western and non-Western musics, but I'll try to make my question as clear as possible. Western Classical music most often has an accent at the ...
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