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Relating to notes not belonging to the diatonic scale of the key in which the passage is written.

Is there such a thing as chromatic functional harmony, a musical theory of everything? Even a chromatic theory wouldn't really be a theory of everything, because the chromatic scale only … represents 12 pitches out the hundred or more different pitches that a human being can distinguish in each octave. If we think of what the chromatic scale really is, it's not "non-diatonic", as all diatonic …
answered Aug 31 by topo Reinstate Monica
nothing. By which I mean, there is no important qualitative distinction between how the diatonic scale works, and how the chromatic scale works. (Well, perhaps there's one, which I'll mention later … the root. You could consider that the major seventh is, "in spirit", a 'chromatic' note lurking in the major scale itself, because of this 'once-removed' quality. It's also a note that allows a …
answered Dec 19 '16 by topo Reinstate Monica
The Cent is defined thus: If one knows the frequencies a and b of two notes, the number of cents measuring the interval from a to b may be calculated by the following formula: Likewise, if o …
answered Mar 27 by topo Reinstate Monica
think I asked a similar question here.... What is the most common way to refer to a particular note in the chromatic scale without making any implications as regards tonality? And although there are … well; I get the impression that the chromatic scale in traditional western music theory is often seen as somewhat of a container for the range of diatonic possibilities, rather than as an 'essential …
answered Oct 29 '18 by topo Reinstate Monica