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A family of musical instruments both acoustic (piano, harpsichord, etc.) and electronic which is played by depressing keys, each of which represent a musical tone. In electronic music, keyboards are often used to imitate other instruments or utilize wholly electronic sounds.

5 votes

How to play a lot of keyboard parts of a song at the same time live?

gives you the general idea of how it's done: Of course, you need a board that's capable of doing it, but basically any professional or semi-professional workstation keyboard
0 votes

Virtual Piano black keys offset

Notwithstanding the fact that a keyboard player would hate it no matter what, from a logical standpoint neither can make sense, and for a reason: it would depend whether, in context, the black keys would …
1 vote
1 answer

Can acceptable trills be played on an old M1 with unweighted synth action?

Has anybody managed to produce good trills on a synth action keyboard? Am I wasting my time, here? (Obviously, I don't have access to a piano for the ultimate test.) Thank you. …
15 votes
2 answers

Did baroque composers expect you to "bring out" the voices in their pieces, the way today's ...

According to the guy, in the 17th and 18th century polyphonic keyboard works were not played in such a way that the individual voices would be emphasized, but rather in a way so that they would "blend …
5 votes
5 answers

Which keyboard works - beside Bach's - are part of the study curriculum *and* regularly perf...

Bach has written a huge body of keyboard music that ranges from "easy peasy" (Anna Magdalena) to "inhuman" (the ol' prelude & fugue). …
11 votes
7 answers

How do you practice trills on piano?

The title says it all: my trills on piano are really terrible, unless they are 1-2 or 2-3. Anything involving the 5th finger is especially awful. I have the same feeling of frustration of when I spe …