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For questions about guitar playing in general. For questions specifically about electric guitars, see "electric-guitar". For questions specifically about acoustic guitars with or without pickup systems, see "acoustic-guitar".

0 votes
2 answers

Restringing Acoustic guitar

I always have issues restringing the high E string. It breaks when tuning it. So today I used 2nd string as the first one and tuned it to High E, does it have a significant impact on tonality?
4 votes
3 answers

What's the best technique for C major scale?

I'm currently learning C major scale using acoustic guitar and I can play one note at a time on top of a Song. The challenge is,it doesn't sound like a music. How can I achieve good solo with it? …
0 votes

Playing with a pick with less pick-sound

The most important thing is to relax your hand when holding a pick, your wrist movement is very important ,it should be relaxed.Then practice slowly as you build up the strumming.
0 votes
2 answers

Music Practice, jamming and chord changes [closed]

I do like jamming along with some music majorly softrocks and POP on youtube which have chords and lyrics with my accoustic guitar. …