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Higher action allows you to pick harder without getting fret buzz (or so much fret buzz). This includes not only the obvious fret buzz that persists through the sustain of the sound, but also short-duration fret buzz that affects the attack. As such, higher action often gives a 'cleaner' attack, and may allow you to play with more dynamic variation. This is ...


That's far too high, even for an acoustic guitar (which would typically have a higher action than an electric guitar). You can look up recommended guitar actions for acoustic guitars online, but off the top of my head I think it should be between 2-3mm (depending on the string) on a standard steel string acoustic.


Yeah, like others have said, check your intonation. Your guitar bridge looks like it already has been intonated with that stagger but you can check it with a tuner or a tuner app. You can check the string open, and then check the 12th fret to see if it's the same. Then move the saddle back if it's sharp or move it towards the nut if it's flat until they're ...

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