As long as you use it at a reasonable level you should be fine (no guarantee is offered by me though!) Remember bass amps can not only handle lows but can also handle the high frequency and percussive sounds of slapping and popping too. Here is an article with some good tips and precautions for using a bass amp with electronic drums: https://musicianshq.com/...


It'll be fine. It's actually a better bet than a guitar amp - the sound spectrum is far wider. It's the choce of several electronic drummers I know. The obvious is that you'll wreck any amp (specifically the speaker) by playing it way too loud. I used a Carlsboro Viper (15" speaker, no tweeter) 100w in the studio for a good few years with electronic ...


I'd suggest a wired set of headphones. Bluetooth has a delay/latency that you just wouldn't care about when listening to iTunes etc, but it will drive you mad playing guitar.

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