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If you play mostly clean the Fender Rumble bass amps can give you some really good and fat tones which are quite melodic for blues jazz some pop and funk. I have played my tele, sg,and prs and gretsch through the amp with great results. in fact I am beginning to use the bass amp more and more


I have the same problem, with both LPs and Strats. I like the feel of Fender extra heavy small (jazz) picks, but the problem is horrible with the extra heavys. For me it's bad when playing loud, whether I'm using distortion or not. A compression box seems to help, but I also think practicing at high volume is helping me modify my string attack to reduce ...


You don't specify what Pevey model you have so it's impossible for me to say anything about it. As other said, if you want to use your POD to full potential, you want the amp to be as neutral as possible (so omit preamp section, or set it to neutral mode, if available). If you want to use a guitar speaker, you probably shouldn't emulate mic and cab in the ...

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