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Any advice for creating jpop bass sound?

To me it sounds like many of the bass parts are actually played with Yamaha DX-7 or similar sounding synthesizer. For the parts that are clearly played with a bass guitar, one way to achieve the sound ...
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Any advice for creating jpop bass sound?

Hard to say without seeing the player, but it may be accomplished with good slapping technique, or a combination of slapping and a flanger pedal: The Breakdown: Slap Bass w/ Marcus Miller,, 3 Cool ...
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how do you pair amplifiers and speakers?

I originally posted this as comments on Todd Wilcox's answer but it was a bit of a heavy read so thought I'd add a supplemental answer instead. This is directly in reference to the OP's comment "...
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how do you pair amplifiers and speakers?

I've realized my "answer" wasn't an answer, so I'm going to give you a few guidelines for matching for a small PA: Choose speakers first based on the system design goals. Only choose ...
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how do you pair amplifiers and speakers?

It's an art and a science. But it isn't rocket surgery. This article from Sweetwater explains it better than I could ever hope to.
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no sound from Vox vx1 amp without headphones plugged in

First port of call would be the headphone socket itself. It's a switched socket, which switches the speaker off when the headphones are connected. Try some switch cleaner, and plug/unplug the jack ...
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Is Bias FX viable for live performances?

There are actually two separate questions here. Bias FX is certainly viable for live performances but live sound is a whole different beast than the headphones sound so you would typically need to ...
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