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You can absolutely learn to play the piano properly and by yourself. However, to progress efficiently and correctly, you need to be committed and self critical. My recommendation is to pick a method book series Béla Bartók's Mikrokosmos notebook 1-6.


If you were to play this on an organ with each hand on a different manual, you could maintain a fluid line in both hands with no choppiness. Also, if this were played by two different instruments it would work or sung by two people. I think in the case of older music, composers thought along these lines. For example, if you looked at any SATB hymn, some ...


This piece clearly uses pedal heavily. It's typical of the style and composer. With that in mind, m. 74 is easily played: The pedal will be down for the entire measure, so the right hand plays the C and gets out of the way of the left hand. Measure 77 is a bit of a trick. The issue isn't so much the coincident Cs, but how the lines cross. The right hand ...


IMO this is a bad arrangement of some original piece which importantly didn't concern itself with overlapping hands. You should get some real piano scores appropriate for your sight reading level. Czerny wrote tons of such material, like his Recreations. But, anyway, about what is in the example, assuming there is no pedaling, as the score indicates, I think ...

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