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It's actually an American one-dollar bill bill, folded and rolled up which he uses as a mute. Asked him post-concert after the recital the screenshot is from. He also revealed this in a post on his Instagram.


Engineer and musician's answer: Another way you can think about it is that when you fret up the neck, you are essentially creating "fatter" strings. Imagine fretting almost all the way up to the bridge; the segment of string would start looking like a barrel. The engineering answer is that the barrel has a different area to length ratio (actually area-...


I'm pretty sure it's a mute. Violin mutes come in various forms as well as the 'quick access' type favoured by orchestral players. This is the classic type (though not the type we see in the video). You can play a violin (or a brass instrument) very quietly without a mute. Or quite loud with one. The mute is about getting a DIFFERENT sound, not ...

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