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I listened to the two recordings you posted and I'm not really hearing any issues with the guitar. There is slight buzzing in the recordings but I think it's instead related to your chord-changing technique. Try the following: Make sure you're pressing hard enough on the strings Make sure you're not strumming too hard (and thus messing up your grip on the ...


it buzzes a lot when I strum the G5, A5, B5, C5 and D5 Power chords. If the neck is straight, the strings at the bridge could be a little low. Maybe just raise them up the smallest amount, measure, retune and play.


Often a guitar set-up is done and the instrument is given back to the owner in a short period of time. This is understandable because the owner is anxious to play with the new set-up, but it is recommended for a new set-up to set for two or three days and then have the tech check and tweak the set-up, before returning the instrument to the owner. This ...


Makes sense to take it back, since it appears quite new and it's already been tweaked. They can re-tweak it. It may well not be the truss rod that needs altering, but simply a height adjustment on whichever E string it could be... You should have had a tiny Allen (hex) key with the guitar just for this purpose - screw the two small Allen screws (either side ...

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