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I studied classical composition with real contemporary composers at 2 conservatories and finally one other music academy. The consensus that these composers all pointed out, is that Bach obviously didn't think about vertical harmonies like we do today, because he came from a polyphonic musical tradition. So all of his harmonies are a result of voice leading, ...


There's rarely a 'why' answer to this sort of question. You've now enriched your musical knowledge by knowing it happens. Yes, it could be confused with a marcato symbol. But the notation has been explained in this edition. Good.


The ^ symbol in music, for a violin, generally indicates a Marcato bow, where you push down on the string more or put more force. It's an accent, but instead of playing it like >, (where you emphasize the start of the note) it looks like ^ because you're pretty much emphasizing the entire note, not just the start. Think of it as a 50% sfz.


Really it depends on the cellist, with enough practice it is possible. But as a cellist I am personally not skilled enough to do this. It seems possible, although if you are writing the music yourself try finding a way to get the chord needed or rearranging it into a divis or as a chord.


I am a cellist and assuming it is written in bass clef it can certainly be played in 70 for a crochet, although the fifth between d and a is not particularly comfortable. And now a short poem by the original author: Cellists cannot play this fast - not even with some magic cast, They also cannot play it slow, for important things they do not know. They ...

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