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I think it might be for listening to the clicks of track or also known as a metronome. It could also block out some the sound so they can focus in their voices. They might also have to have them for other reasons. But, I think it is mainly for keeping them in time!


This is some sort of old style tenor clef. Basically you have a G-clef with a tenor-C-clef superimposed, just to indicate that this is for tenor voice and thus transposed an octave down. So this is bascially the same as an octavated G clef. It would be much more plausible if the C-clef actually were one note lower at the actual middle C, but I suppose this ...


I'd say trust the position of the flat and call it a G-clef. You can tell this is correct because the C instruments in the score are also in F. A quick perusal through the score also shows that... The tenors sing the same lines as the sopranos an octave lower on pages 125-126. The tenors sing pitches that make sense with the orchestration (see tenors and ...

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