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It might be drawn a bit scribbly but it certainly looks like a K-clef, (a stylistic variant of the C-clef). In particular it's an alto clef (which makes sense for viola). So those first few notes in the image are at the pitch of E above middle C. (With the two treble G-clefs directly above, the chord made (E, G, B) is an E minor chord in close position.


It looks a bit like a hand-written C-clef. Reading as such seems to make sense harmonically.


It looks like an Ut3 clef: C (Do) e.g Ut is on the 3rd line. So I read 4xE 8th twice and 4xB 8th twice. As ttw points out this makes sense harmonically: first chord is B G E (from top to bottom): G major chord G-B-E.

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