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Reaper, VST, Linux

I use reaper mostly on windows - mostly due to 3rd party plugins and it is the only time I use window - but occasionally also use Reaper on my main computer, which is running Ubuntu Linux. I have ...
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Reaper, VST, Linux

A lot of people are now publishing native Linux VSTs, both freeware and commercial. So you can download the Linux version of Reaper and the Linux version of some VSTs, and they all work together, no ...
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Using digital piano as MIDI keyboard in Reaper

You mention that when you record with a microphone, the playback is slower and at a strange pitch. I'm guessing that's caused by the "Rate" slider. It's the green bar in the center of the screenshot (...
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Replacement on Reaper for garageband's virtual drummer?

I don't know what the virtual drummer does, but the new Band-in-a-Box 2019 has a DAW plugin (VST/AAX) that might do what you want. Update 11/2019: there now seems to be a VST/AU/AAX plugin version ...
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Switch General MIDI instruments from device? (Roland Sound Canvas, Reaper)

You do not have to remap anything. The EasyKey can send bank change and program change messages with the BANK MSB, BANK LSB, and PROG keys in edit mode (see page 12/13 of the manual - link to PDF).
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Trouble getting Finale and Cakewalk to agree on midi file tempo

Answering myself because I figured it out. I imported the midi file in question unto finale and the time signatures and tempo were preserved. Thus the problem is that Cakewalk doesn't read midi ...
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How to render MIDI stems through a single intrument track in Reaper?

That is very easy, batch rendering is very flexible and powerful in Reaper. Select all stems you want to render. Open Menu -> File -> Render In Source: Selected media items via master In Output:...
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Switch General MIDI instruments from device? (Roland Sound Canvas, Reaper)

Have you tried sending Program Change instructions with the EasyKey: press Edit press the key which is labeled Prog enter another program number using the keyboard keys press the key labeled Enter ...
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How can I return to normal view (View Track Waveforms) in Reaper

Options: Peaks Display Mode : Show Normal Peaks
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Is it possible to load and automatically play a project in Reaper?

I don't think you can. At least the command line options don't mention anything about playback: But maybe that's not really what you want, i....
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