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One thing I can say is this-- music theory books are a distillation of actual pieces of music, in this case largely Bach's. Someone's done a lot of the analysis, and packaged it in bite-sized chunks for the consuming student. You should always understand this, and go between theory and actual music-- look for your own examples of certain rules. Try ...


4.2 indicates a chord in the third inversion. If we take C majors dominant chord as an example then the seventh of that chord would be an F. Seeing as this would be a chordal seventh it would resolve down to an E. Which conveniently is the I6 chord ( of C Major. )


No, this is not frequently done, for a lot of reasons: The pattern of scale tone Fa resolving to scale tone Mi is just too strongly-embedded in this style to allow for Fa-Sol in the bass there. The leading tone always resolves upwards, and likewise it is important to remember that the fourth almost always resolves downwards. The tritone pair of notes ...

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