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I suggest you exercise more in your spare time. After all, keeping the same posture for a long time will make you uncomfortable.


This question will likely be closed because gear recommendations are not considered on topic in this forum. I will try and address some of your concerns to help you make a good choice for yourself without recommending a specific instrument. As you probably know you have 4 keyboards listed but only 2 types of keyboards. A MIDI controller and 3 digital pianos. ...


You need a sustain pedal. It's used in 99.99% of piano music. My teacher never allowed soft pedal unless it was specifically marked in the music - which is rare. Even then, you can just learn how to play very softly.


Yesn`t. A sustain pedal is something you should definitely have. An una corda or sostenuto pedal isn't used a lot and thus not essential, but it's worth getting in my opinion


You only need the sustain. If it's a digital piano and it doesn't come with one, you can buy a separate one off Amazon. Buy a good one! One that actually feels and looks like a real sustain pedal! Try to find one that has a sustain pedal attached to it. The others don't matter that much. If he gets farther along into it, and wants to pursue music, get him an ...


IMHO the 3 pedals are necessary if you want to play classical music SUSTAIN obvious. SOFT you need it in Classical music. Beethoven already requires many passages to be be played with Una Corda (soft pedal). It is very important to clarify one thing. The Soft pedal's purpose is not to reduce dynamics in order to make pp (pianissimo) easier to play — It has ...


To record audio from the keyboard, you need an audio interface with line inputs. When recording, you should connect the line outputs from the keyboard to the line inputs on the interface and the interface to the computer with USB.

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