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What is the definition of 909/808/707/etc. percussion?

The Roland TR-808, TR-606 and TR-909 are analog synthesizers with many adjustable settings, capable of creating a range of different sounds with different attack/decay envelopes and pitch. The TR-909'...
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What is the definition of 909/808/707/etc. percussion?

Although piiperi's answer is accurate, I want to note specifically that the term "808 kick" has expanded to describe any electronic kick drum sound with a long tuned decay, which can serve ...
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How do I sync a Digitech SDRUM with a Boss RC-300 looper?

The Harman Canada Engineers who developed the SDRUM also clandestinely included the ability to sync MIDI devices to the SDRUM via the JamSync connector. The SDRUM must be the master since it only ...
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How can I create custom drum beats in GarageBand?

Another tip in GarageBand is to set up the Drummer to play something close to what you want. Then you can copy that track that it creates into a new Software Instrument Track. You can then edit that ...
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Recording drum machine and electric guitar on the looper during live performance

Regarding destroying the amplifier, this is not going to be a problem with the Looper. It is designed to be in line with a guitar or a keyboard, and you can set the volume levels of your loops. You ...
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Drum Machine / MIDI Controller Combos?

I suspect you haven't looked very hard yet because there are lots. There are cheap but not bad ones like these:
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How to sync Moog Sub 37 with my Arturia Drumbrute

In the Sub 37 MIDI menu, try changing the MIDI In Channel setting. If it is set to All, trying changing it to 1. If that still responds to DrumBrute notes try changing it to 2. If it is already set to ...
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Recording drum machine and electric guitar on the looper during live performance

I think I am getting a better idea of what you want to do following your comments! It would be a good idea to make sure that the drum machine that you choose has good playable pads - a lot of people ...
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What do the letters on this LEGO Drum Machine indicate?

There's a clue around the 2:00 mark. Activating an A trigger makes a different percussion sound. There will be many other different sounds available from the module, activated by, actually, any of the ...
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LinnDrum (LM-2): drums with multiple buttons

I can't provide a full answer, but from recollections of the time. I never personally used a Linn2, I only had the Linn1 then jumped to the Drumulator when that was released. Each button directly ...
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how can you put samples together and make a drum machine out of them for midi instruments?

That feature is available on the EXS24 sample editor in Logic Pro but I’m almost certain you can’t do it in GarageBand. GarageBand does have many pre programmed drum kits though.
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