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According to section 4.19 Annotations of the ABC Standard, you can place parentheses around a note with the following code: "<(" ">)" C For example, X:0 M:none K:none "<("">)"C2


I'd recommend that you include your weak foot in the regular exercises from the beginning. Don't neglect it for 20 years and only then realize how important it can be. Even though you may never actually play double-bass, I'd recommend to practice double bass exercises for coordination. The weak foot is considered "weak" for a reason. I found that I ...


Your context determines the advice - this is why it is important to work with a person (i.e. a teacher). Had you been playing for 10 years instead of 1 month, the advice would be completely different. (this is just a bit of philosophising :) Since you are fairly early in your drumming "career", I would recommend something that you have yourself ...


Yes, you realize that the field of music is fairly vast. You can practice for a lifetime and still be "nowhere". But, whether you are "nowhere" or "somewhere" really depends on you. As in most things, it is useful to set a few things first. Define your goals, estimate how realistic they are, see if you have the resources (mostly ...

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