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Quite simplistically, I would say that this is just the way things evolved over time. It helps to check the history of the instrument, to understand what it was used for, and how. The snare drum came from the east and seems to always have been used for military purposes. Since the military was mobile, it would not have been practical to carry a drumset or 6 ...


It's called a sidestick. It's made by resting the rear end of the sick on one edge of the skin & tapping the rim on the far side. Not to be confused with a rim-shot, which is a full down-stroke, hitting both skin & rim simultaneously. I'd point you to except for the fact I disagree with half of what it says [...


That is (or is supposed to imitate) a "rim click", or "cross-stick" or "side-stick". It is played by holding the tip of the stick on the drum head, with your (usually left) hand on the stick used to both play the other end against the rim and mute the head to avoid resonance and obtaining a dry sound, similar to that of a pair ...


It means to play the cymbal (ride, in this case) on its edge, as opposed to on the bell. As per the drum guides at MIT and at Online Drummer. From the MIT guide From the Online Drummer guide

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