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At least one person in a podcast defines it as “over the kick”. This looks like an automatic transcription that has no punctuation and I have quoted it exactly (emphasis mine): anyway okay so here's a mic that I was talking about earlier the otk over the kick Mike so this Mike is literally over the kick drum like maybe an inch or two over the kick drum ...


OTK? On the kick. Not in front or inside, but actually 'on the kick'. Mounted on the rim of the bass drum.


Sample libraries exist [hundreds of them], but though they all are licensed so you can use them in your own compositions for commercial use, I doubt whether any of them would permit re-use inside what is essentially another application. You'd have to ask the authors very specifically about that. It may be different if this JavaScript app is essentially just ...


I think you have the gist pretty well already! You certainly could use a large number of samples per drum, and select them based on striking speed, position, etc. That is by far the most common approach taken in commercial software. Synthesising drums from scratch isn't impossible, though it is hard to do well. Synth secrets has some articles on drum ...

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