In your situation, with antics involved, I wouldn't bother with anything but a completely fixed strap - screwed in with a large washer under the screw head. I prefer Dunlop straploks and use them on most of my basses - and guitars. Never had a problem, and feel they're easier to attatch and detatch than others. Generally, the top fitting is permanently ...


This is the kind of question where there isn't a one size fits all answer. Not all straps (locking or otherwise) are created the same, nor are all strap locks or standard strap buttons. Some straps have really big, loose holes or slots for buttons while others are tighter. Some strap buttons are bigger than others. And so on. Personally, I prefer to use ...


Also use masking tape all around the area of the crack so there's less to clean up. Maybe even lay it over the entire area and then cut the tape with a razor to expose the crack.

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