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Why does plugging headphones directly into guitar effect sound "bad"?

Guitar overdrives/fuzz boxes etc are designed to be fed to guitar amps. This isn't even really a problem of impedance or even output voltage, it's one of EQ curve. Guitar amps [& speakers] really ...
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Static noise from amplifier and it increases when i touch guitar strings

It’s a grounding issue. Try a different cable. Or it could be inside the guitar. I just had that issue with a bass player yesterday at work. 1/4” cable was bad.
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Taylor 510e Acoustic/Electric guitar won't stay in tune

Your truss rod is turned to tightly to the right, creating an inward bow so great, your guitar is relying on your string tension alone for stability. Strings will constantly slip this way. Turn your ...
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Why is Stratocaster Low E-String Intonation at Limit?

I know this is an old post but this is a typical issue with all 25-1/2" scale, 22 fret, electric guitars. I've owned a bunch and even the high end ones, with excellent setups, need the Low E ...

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